Artist/Bars Random Time Table

Artist/Bars Random Time Table

The Benidorm Group are not or never will be responsible for any information posted on this website, we post time tables and dates and times to help the general public enjoy their holidays the best they can with our information we seek from members of our groups, so please double check all information this is just a guide.

The program Jail rock for 30 May - 25 November : 

Elvis Tribute by Steve B - 9 PM Mon, Fri, Sat ; 

Adele Tribute Benidorm- 9 PM Sun ; 

Robbie Williams tribute benidorm - 9 PM Thu ; 

The Michael Buble Tribute - 9 PM Tue ; 

She's PINK in Benidorm - 9 PM Wed & 10 PM Mon, Thu, Sat ; 

Carnaby Street MOD&SKA Live Duo (Alan Webb &Lee Dobsy) Mod&Ska Live Duo - 11 PM Every Night (Not Tue) - 150 minutes show ; 

Two Rude Live SKA Duo - 11 PM Tue (2 hour show). 

please double check timetable with the establishment time tables can change at a minute notice.