Grow Shop Benidorm Supernatural Spain (old town)

Grow Shop Benidorm Supernatural Spain
intersted in cannabis world since the 90' and investigate as much as possible how to obtain the best result possibles inthe safest way and ecological as possible...
The shop name is "Growshop Benidorm Supernatural Spain"
I help the people to find biologicals and ecofrinendly solution to grow in and outodoor cannabis , but also selling products to smoke and snort , entheogenics and all legal stuff in Spain...
in the last 10 years also CBD oil for medical use and in the last two years also eliquids and cbd products like soiuld and jelly or lollypops

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Adress - calle Maravall 8 local Supernatural Spain

Call +34 965 85 55 48



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12:30 - 21:00

Opened on 1 August 2008


Grow shop Benidorm desde 2008 .Biotecnologie, medical cannabis how to grow biologically.En Supernatural Spain - dj Rob-X growshop Benidorm vendemos solo semilla... See more


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Grow shop Benidorm



+34 645 14 93 78


Grow shop Benidorm desde 2008 ,semillas cannabis ,biotecnologie , grow shop, smart shop,medical cannabis seeds,enteogeni ecc.. dj Rob-X .

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Grow shop Benidorm desde 2008.cultura cannabica ,Especialistas en el mundo de la Marihuana. Benidorm. Grinders, armarios, semillas, abonos, fertilizantes y much... See more

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Grow shop Benidorm Supernatural Spain desde el 2008 


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