..... Been once and wouldn´t go again.  It feels like sitting in a cheap cafe, the service was ok but nothing special and considering what they charge would have expected better.  The food was nice but portion sizes were very small I even managed to finish all mine which shows how small it was as I am not a big eater. very very expensive for what you get. 4/10

 Bernadette: Over rated over priced.Smokey Joe,s much better value and much better service.

 Neil: I didn't like it either. My food took an age to arrive and wasn't worth the wait when it got there. 6 and I think I'm being generous

 Lisa: I went here many (many!) years ago and it wasn't good then... the food was ok, but for all the hype it wasn't all that!! I'd only give it 4 out of 10...... Far better places for steak in Beni (Country Ribs for one!)

 Pete: I agree with ..... my experience was just like yours expensive burgers and not too heavy on flavour would not return 4 out of 10.

 Jimmy: Absolutely rubbish, over priced and poorly cooked, I wouldn't go again if it was free so it's a 0 out of 10 from me...........

John: Babyback ribs very nice but overpriced and portions small. 6/10

Butch Rimmer my thoughts are on par with Tracy. I've been, wouldn't go again 2/10,,

 Scott: not to keen on the over priced burgers and ribs, but the Cesar salad was amazing, absolutely massive, served in a massive bowl, meat 4/10 salad 9.5/10

 Kristy: Love the onion loaf!