(The original THE BLUE one on the Right)

..... Cheap and Cheerful... good value for money excellent choice on the menu, fast service, friendly staff, tables always cleaned quickly, clean and tidy, never had a bad meal and dosnt deserve the the bad press it sometimes gets as it is a quick service cafe and not a high class restaurant. 7/10

Colin: It's well priced for food and drinks. , have had good meals there I can't complain. 10/10

 Eileen: Fabulous place!   always spend a lot of time in here at night.  Good food, great value, the waiters are the best.   Always remember you even though you havent been back for 12 months.    always welcoming, and the nicest guys you could wish for to serve your booze and food!   love it loads 10/10

 Matt: Only ever ate breakfast at john & Joseph's, but it was brilliant. 10/10

 April: My favourite place to eat, and my son loves the chicken curry. Friendly staff, great atmosphere and value for money. Love it!! 10/10

 Aled: Quick service,great prices and perfect for a drink between shows. 8/10

 Paul: Chicken Curry rice and chips at 4am with a cup of tea.....class ! 10/10 for good quality, speedy service and value.

 Hayley: Love it.

 Karen: Don't like the food but 10 for service and waiters serving my very cheap drinks x

 Kay: It's got to be 10

 Sue: Cheap as anything. Great when you want egg and chips at 4am. 10/10

 Ann: Ham egg chips n a cuppa at 3 am ..really good we love it 10/10 from len

 Nessie: 11/10..love it

 Chris: My favorite by a mile. I once had a mixed grill in there at 3:30am. Wonderful place. An easy 10!

 Jean: We loved it over John and Joseph stayed in hotel over road for a change 10/10

 Jackie: Only ever called in after the shows when we are starving lol!  but great service, good cheap well-cooked food  and great cuppa!   Brilliant place to sit and watch the world of Benidorm pass by -  you see everything!   Marks   8/10

 Cath: Great place waiters are the best nothing is ever too much trouble for them. Cheap prices with first class service and free street entertainment... food basic but well cooked huge portions. Best toilets in Benidorn clean and modern with a lock. We sometimes get a take away from here too so has to be 10/10

 Mick: Ok for a cheap breakie coffee not all that

 Carol: 10/10

 Matthew: 10/10 all round excellent

 Lynne: great food and service10/10

 Donna: cheap, edible 7/10

 Adrian: Went there a few times back in April and cant fault it there food and service were great will be going there again 10/10 x

 Tina: Cheap and cheerful. Waiters are quick and polite. Food cooked quickly, its always hot and the egg and chips is lovely.... We always go there a couple of times during the week in fact that's where we chose to celebrate our first anniversary together.... I'm a classy bird!! 8/10

Stephanie: the food was awful  1 out of 10 x

 Paul: Be careful about the bill late at night the waiters maths gets bad but it's always in their favour once  I once had to had 3 goes at sorting the bill out my first attempt was correct not the waiters first 2

We always go at least once when we are there good food friendly staff and value for money .

Linda: We always go at least once when we are there good food friendly staff and value for money  I would give it 9.5 there's always room for improvement no matter where you are