Tracy: Have been a few times a good selection haven't had a bad meal always the same welcome hello nice to see you back always had to wait for a table would give 8/10 x


JJ: Used to go there all the time, till we had some ice cream that was totally off, tasted of chemicals. We tried to quietly complain, but they were not interested, never offered us anything else, just trying not to let other customers see what was being said. Never been there since !!


Gillian: Been a few times. Good value for money.  My husband got a tie strap in his curry once.  Think it might have been from a bag of onions. He thought it was a bean sprout at 1st! Put him right off! That was last June went back September and they all remembered us! A good selection on the menu but curry is bland. We asked to make it hotter, not a problem.  Its ok if you are on a budget 6/10. Xxx


Rosemary: always lovely welcome enjoy the food great slection and nothing to much for staff to help you and service very quick

Kay: We use the China Garden a lot have done for years. We found the food was excellent but it seemed that when the boss was away it went downhill bit was there last week and it seems back to its normal good standard. Always a friendly greeting from Anu.


Debbie: Always had a nice meal here always busy so that speaks for itself great service really friendly staff had the 3 course as well very good value for 5 euros which includes a drink i would rate this resturant 10/10 very good value for the money

Teresa: Great value for money and always busy

Tracy: Used to go chinese or indian in beni is very nice nowt like uk restaurant or takeaways never bother now...just stick to spanish food and decent english places

Lucy: The host is fantastic and always makes you so welcome. Food is lovely and always piping hot. On our 3rd visit during a 5 night stay i took all our group for our last night and out table was filled with freebies. Every year we are in benidorm we eat there atleast 4 times in a 7 night stay. When my 3 kids were young, they also loved it there. And for a family of 5 it was always great value for money. And always came out with full tummys and the kids always had a bottle of alcohol free schnapps. 20/10 x

Hazel: Used to be my fave always ate there a lot on my visits but it's defo went downhill not nearly as good as it once was . Food very bland doesn't taste of anything.,had a sneak peek of the kitchen . Yuk,

The host is very friendly to everyone always remember u. Even remember my sons I there first visit last year?? Lol Very good value for 4.95 per person.  Always full don't know why as much better Chinese just along the road

I don't like posting this but if you'd known what it was like years ago u wouldn't say it was anything like it now .. Sorry that's my honest opinion being a regular customer for years 4/10 now 10/10 a few years ago x

Kay: We were there last week and it was back to its usual good standard and had a hygiene rating of 5 on the window. It only seems to go downhill when Chan and Anu are gone back to China.