PASSPORT VALIDITY  Passport renewal is currently taking around  10 weeks at the moment. 

Please plan ahead and  don't leave it last minute to check your validity. 

New rules for travelling to Europe mean your passport is only valid for 10 full years from the date of issue, or 5 years for a child's passport. 

The expiry date may no longer be valid if there has been extra months added on due to renewing your passport early. 

For example: Valid from Date – 10/02/2012  Expiry Date – 10/06/2022 (on passport) However as it was issued 10th February 2012 the expiry date is actually 10th February 2022 (10 years after issue) so is out of date.  

The extra time added on the last time you renewed your passport no longer counts. 

For any queries please contact the passport office on 0300 222 0000 or use the website. Unfortunately we cannot help with any other passport queries️ Passport Website -

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