From 4th December 2021, (so from midnight Friday to Saturday) the presentation of the vaccination certificate, diagnostic test or Covid-19 recovery certificate in certain establishments, venues and events will be obligatory in the Comunidad Valenciana.

- In force for 30 days.

Have a read through our translated guide.

All the information has been translated from the following link: https://coronavirus.san.gva.es/es/web/ccd/validacion-certificado


👉🏻 Download COVID passport/certificate here: https://coronavirusregistro.san.gva.es/sipcovid19/certificadoDigitalUE?language=es

Or go to your local medical centre and they will print for you.

👉🏻 PDF for establishments to print and display: https://coronavirus.san.gva.es/documents/1641305/1644033/Cartel.pdf

👉🏻 Links to app for establishments to download, on both Apple and Google stores, here: https://coronavirus.san.gva.es/es/web/ccd/establecimientos

The app is designed for establishments to scan peoples' QR codes, but anyone can download the app. If you are unsure if your certificate will be accepted, why not download the app and scan it for yourself, see if it's accepted? :) 


Although we have translated all the available info from the Comunidad Valenciana website, we are sure you will still have further questions. When the decree is published, we will attach to this post and hopefully that will go into even further detail. In the mean time, if you have any questions we suggest you contact your local Town Hall to ask.

Translation by Phoebe Liddiard.