UNVAXXED Brits hoping to visit Spain have been left disappointed after it was claimed that they would be able to travel to the country.However, the Spanish tourist board has since backtracked, saying that Brits still need to be vaccinated to enter.

Spain has backtracked after saying unvaxxed Brits could enter the country,they issued a statement claiming anyone who hadn't had both jabs would be able to enter Spain with a negative Covid test.

However, they have since said this is not the case, and only those aged between 12 and 17 who are unvaccinated can enter the country with just a Covid test.Vaccinated Brits can enter by showing proof of vaccination, however, Spain is one of several European countries that has put an expiration date on vaccine certificates.You must be able to prove you were fully vaccinated against Covid within the last 270 days to be considered vaccinated.

If you received your second dose more than nine months ago, you must have had a booster jab, otherwise you must follow rules for unvaccinated travellers.Spain previously ditched the requirement for teens to be vaccinated, so kids aged between 12 and 17 will follow the same rules as unvaccinated adults.Children under 12 are exempt from all testing rules.Before travelling to Spain, all Brits must fill in an online Health Control Form.