TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS FOR ENTERING SPAIN & RETURNING TO THE U.K TO ENTER SPAIN You MUST be FULLY VACCINATED (officially 14 days prior to arrival) and prove it.You MUST fill in the passenger locator form (link here) do NOT NEED to take a test to LEAVE the UK or to ENTER Spain.TO RETURN TO THE UK (Fully Vaccinated as you will have needed to have been to leave to come to Spain)You do NOT NEED to take a test in Spain.You MUST book and pay for a Day 2 test online.(At the moment this is the PCR Test. From Sunday you will be able to use a LFT.)When you buy this test online you will receive a reference number. That number you NEED to then fill in the passenger locator form.You MUST fill in the passenger locator form.There is clear information and help at this UK government website and also links to the devolved nations may seem “too much hassle”, or “too difficult”. That is a choice each individual will make. Having traveled to and from the UK numerous times during the last 2 years, from personal experience, it really is not. (Aslong as you’re Fully Vaccinated). The only cost involved is a Day 2 test on return to the UK which as of Sunday 9th can be found online for as little as €20.Hope this helps