Markets (Benidorm)

Outdoor Market 

Benidorm has 2 main markets situated behind the Pueblo Hotel Wednesdays and Sundays.(due to covid Wednesdays have been cancelled) 

just a few warning's for many years this is a breeding place for "potato men game" also pickpockets, please don't think they work alone, these men and women and children work in pack's so please keep your valuables safe and do not stand and watch these guys they love audiences and pray on the vulnerable. although over the last few months a big police presence can be seen it still happens  in and around the markets and most crowded areas.

Walking around these markets can and could take you hours to get around the full are, so please make sure you wear your sunscreen and keep covered up the best you can whilst drinking plenty of water.

Indoor Market

Benidorm Indoor market is situated on the edge of rincon area, opposite the kfc and on the same road as Sol Pelicanos Hotel, the indoor market has everything to offer for the holiday maker including tapas bar -  cakes - cafe - drinks - gifts - and vast large amounts of sweets. also home of tonys & sheilas money exchange. 

Indoor Market Opening times (very complicated)

Benidorm has 3 bank holidays a year - but unfortunately they do not have a set date these dates are down to president of the town. 

when its a bank holiday from what we have learnt is the Indoor Market is closed.

Its open normally 6 days a wk.

Monday to Friday 8 till 6pm. 

Saturday Open Till 3pm. 

Sunday Closed.

(warning in the summer because the Indoor Market is privately run some businesses close when they want or need to without warning, this doesn't mean all of the units (shops) close the same time, just means their is no set time.)