We've stayed in the Mont Park a few times now and never had a problem with the staff (all friendly), the rooms were very clean, the food was alright (no signs to say what it was, but there were always staff around to ask if you couldn't identify something)..... Yes it tends to cater more for the Spanish, but with all the other "Brit oriented" hotels around, why not..... I wouldn't hesitate to stay in this hotel again. 9/10

The rooms are a disgrace and should be maintained more often, the cleaners start washing floors at the lifts during breakfast,  I already slipped one morning but it could have been nasty if it would have been one of the older people,  I’m 54 not 24, was brought up to respect my elders and taught my children and grandchildren the same, every day we would say Hola to everyone including staff and they just look at you.

When we arrived I asked management if my husband and I could use our electronic cigarette in the bar and lounge and we were told yes, I was using it and this woman starts covering her mouth then nudges her pal and she starts too cough everytime we took a draw. We would sit on the big couches at night with my daughter and grandchildren and 4 woman try to squeeze on the couches with us, there were other couches not being used.

We ordered bottled water at meals for 5 of us and it got to the point they were just assuming we wanted it at all meals and would come and put it on the table and stand and wait to be paid.

We reported a lost wallet and told nothing was handed in fair enough but next day someone loses a book and there's a notice in the lifts and at reception too look out for it.

Coming out of the lifts one night at 8 oclock, myself, husband, daughter and 2 grandsons who are 10 and 7 were laughing cos the lift door shut on my husband and we were waiting on it coming back up, this old man comes out of his room screams at the top of his voice for us to SHOOOOOST (his words) and slams his room door, he made more noise doing that.

We were not a scruffy family from Scotland nor were we ever drunk or made any noise whatsoever.

The queue to get your meals was a joke, think we were invisible and nothing was ever said by Staff. I know these people work long hours and work hard but it's a Hotel and they need some sort of organisation.  That's why i gave 0/10, not because it was full of Spanish, they could of had one night of British entertainment since it was Christmas and children were there, oh and some Staff dressed up Christmassy to get a Hotel pic taken at the tree then took the stuff off.  0/10

Dining there made me shudder & cringe - saw water from plastic jugs used to fill up & mix scrambled egg that had sat in hot plate too long (to freshen).   After queuing in restaurant for long times then ordered to sit with strange man as I was alone - every night until I removed myself to another hotel . Very rude staff - unusual as Spanish usually fantastic. Beds rickety and rooms need updating. 1/10

Not a nice hotel at all staff very rude meals terrible. 1/10

We stayed there last March. Got a really good deal. Found hotel absolutely fine including food and staff. Met some lovely people. Good location. Sorry folks. 8/10

Went there 4 years ago for what we paid it was great 9/10

I stopped here a few years ago and it was a s*** hole then . Staff was very unhelpful... Never again x

Nothing the matter with Mont park . I've have friends that have stayed there many many times good value hotel in a good area . Gets good reviews .? I would stay there no problem

Awful rooms.  Food not too bad though.