Been Twice. Really enjoyed it too.

I loved it no kids staff are really nice you won t be disappointed

Fantastic hotel, staff top notch. Defo stay there again....

absolutely beautiful hotel ,lovely rooms,pool areas.nice food fab staff nothing I didn't like xx

I love it there great hotel 😊

Excellent hotel all round . No complaints at all

Great hotel just a tad far from the beach.

I stayed there last Xmas and new year , had no complaints but hotel had been refurbished at the time . Next door is a run down hotel full of squatters , not nice . On my flight home in November I spoke to a couple who stayed there and they complained about mould around air con and other stuff , they put it on trip adviser ,

I never had any problems like that in my room.

This is what they said , they complained to management and all they did was just wipe it with damp cloth . Personally it did not suit me

I couldn't have faulted it at all loved it

The empty hotel next door is empty of squatters now well it was In October

my room was fine lovely and clean x

couldn't fault it hence been twice and previous as flamingo playa x

I never had any problems it's just it never suited me it's too far out the way , I like being close to all the clubs 🤗

didn't feel like being on holiday to far away from everything. to quiet.never again.