I found the hotel to be nice and clean and the staff very friendly.when I got there it was about 9 at night and was asked if I wanted to something to eat or drink which I found to be great service.The pool area was nicely maintained and there was a small play area for the children.The entertainment at night was fun but we mainly went out.Our room was clean and had a pool view. I liked it as it was only a 10 minute walk, if that, from the beach and main stripBeing half board we got breakfast and dinner and the food was good

Room Tip: great for families

Definitely not a family hotel but a great hotel for groups of friends out to enjoy the Benidorm night life with good value as an all inclusive.Hotel was clean with a reasonable selection of food at breakfast, lunch and evening meal. Good selection of drinks availableThe 60 Euros per person deposit when registering was a bit of a shock but we all had it back on leaving. Make sure you check out in plenty of time so they can check the room or you won't get it back.10 minute walk to outskirts of the main drag which was far enough.When we were there it was very noisy but it is what you expect when full of stag and hen parties. Don't complain about being woken up at 3.00 in the morning by drunken females/males banging on doors and singing or hanging over balconies screaming at people around them.

just returned from fantastic week in benidorm and an enjoyable stay at the gala placidia. the room staff food n location were better than some we have stopped in. nothing about the hotel was as horrific as some reviews we had read. groups of single men out for a good time can get a bit boisterous but they are on holiday too most i spoke to were normal people and were kept in check by the hotel. i think we have had too many reviews off people who need a life . cant thank staff restaurant staff cleaners and everyone else we came in contact with at the gala placidia for an exceptional holiday thank you

Upon arrival we thought yes this should be ok , how disappointed was I the place was full off stags and hens partying from ten in the morning till midnight then going into the town to carry on . This was our first family holiday abroad my son has severe learning disability and is also epileptic the poor lad gad several seizures thorough out our stay due to sleep deprivation from said stags and hens . We complained to the hotel reception about a man running around sun terrace naked nothing was done . We witnessed a few fights between both men and women . Only good thing was the food something different every night but this experience has really put us off going abroad ever again . Absolutely disgusted and ashamed to say I am English Brits abroad no thanks

13 of us went for a family holiday( 8 adults, 5 kids- youngest 5 months old). Read some of the reviews but saw some positive and decided to give it a go. Arrived everything was fine sat by the pool, a lot of stags/hens being a bit noisey but ok. Night time is where it is bad, cannot get to sleep due to noise of everyone shouting etc. Patio doors getting smashed, folk stabbed and lifts covered in blood, security and reception saying nothing we can do, police didn't come to about 2hrs later. Nerves were shattered wondering what would happen the next night.. Stags fighting and throwing tables and chairs about, chucking stuff out of the balcony- almost hitting the kids with us, again security can't do anything. During the day security would shout at kids for jumping in pool etc but would not say a thing to stags who were planting drugs in the bushes, snorting stuff from side of pool, getting their bits out, throwing stuff about, making a total mess, splitting their heads open at side of pool due to drunken states. We ended up going out most of the time in order for kids to feel safe! First holiday that I can say we are glad to be home- never going back!!!

Stayed here second weekend of MayReally can't understand why people rate this hotel so low it is what it is.Went with 25 men from late 30s to mid 50s lots of stag and hen parties here which is what we expected. Very noisy and boisterous people having drunken time. Hotel is very clean and tidy food is of reasonable standard and good choice, drink speaks for itself.We paid less than £30 a day for all inclusive what do people expect for that price the Ritz ok I wouldn't want to stay there with partner or children but it does what it says on the tin, get real other reviewers

I have just arrived back from 5 days in this hell hole. When we first arrived at 2pm our room wasnt ready for another 2 hours so we sat on the terrace and first experienced the behaviour and language of some of the guests. Our group consists of all girl's and we read the hotel reviews so we knew what to expect but this behaviour was like animals had been let out of a cage. They would jump in the pool fully clothes with food still in hands, threw alcohol over there heads! Wee into cups then start to drink it, often they would wee themselves! The pool was closed for 2 days as things were chucked off balconies. Then they started to ejaculate into the pool you have to sunbathe with one eye open at all times as at anytime you could get pushed into the pool or drunken men try to start arguments with you. The staff would do nothing and still feed them with alcohol, 6 policemen where there at one time and still they didnt settle down! The food at the hotel was disgusting raw chicken been served and left overs from other meals. The rooms were clean but hotel had control when the air conditioning came on and usually was just one hour on a evening. If you have booked this hotel then try to change we did try to change hotels when we were there but they were going to charge us 500 euro for 2 days at the sister hotel

Stayed here for four days, the location isn't too bad, about a five minute walk to the beach and a short taxi ride to the strip. Bar staff were brilliant especially Miceal. There were 2/3 Welsh boys staying there that ruined the trip, one was constantly smashing things up and physically turned me sick. Outside the hotel was great but inside, it was a nightmare.

Just back from a week at this Hotel but will never go back to this one again. Full of stag and hen parties. There were complaints made to the staff about the behaviour of a few people but nothing was done. Definitely not a Hotel for children.

Just arrived back from 4 days at this hotel. I went with 11 friends for my hen weekend. We are all easy going, up for a laugh and we were all looking for a fun filled weekend but staying at this hotel we got much more than we bargained for.....Rooms: very basic but clean, ok size for 2 sharing but not for 3. My room was cleaned everyday and towels changed daily.Food: snack bar was disgusting unless cold food is what you like, the restaurant wasn't much better. I only ate there once as couldn't stomach it. Your better off going down the hill and turn right to the Union Jack bar. Cheap as chips and good quality British food.Bar: no problems with the bar, plenty of drinks on offer, bar staff politeOther guests: this is what turned out stay from bad to worse!! Lots of stags and hens, the majority having a good time and enjoying themselves however a few groups really spoiled it for others. Tables being thrown from balconies, kebabs thrown and left at the pool side, boys shouting the c word, spitting in each other's faces, fighting each other, kicking hinges of hotel room door, the list is endless. The hotel management should've kicked them out after the first day not leave them there to spoil other people's holiday.Location: not bad, about 15 min walk to main strip or 6 euro in taxi. Be careful out and about though as one of the girls got pick pocketed and we spoke to many people who had been mugged.To conclude...if you've booked this hotel already then good luck and I just hope the hotel isn't full of idiots and if you've not booked then don't!!! I've never been so glad to be home.Ps do not take children here, if you have booked already change your hotel?