Exchange Rate ShopsExchange Rate ShopsExchange Rate Shops
Benidorm has so many Exchange rate shops kiosks in and around the bars, over the decades they have become centre of attention when people are wanting to change uk pounds in to euro's, the small kiosks offer a better deal in most cases, but unfortunately these rates  are for a minimum spend. so please check before handing your hard earned cash over to the kiosks, we suggest to use your hotel if stuck for change at night time . During the day our group suggest popping along to the indoor market down from Sol Pelicanos hotel towards the Rincon end of Benidorm where you will find once inside SHEILAS & TONYS exchange kiosks, these guys have a well established business with most holidaymakers, the first time you visit these guys you will need your passport and once you have been there once, you will be given a small business card with details on it, then from onwards all you do is take the card with you when changing cash over.