Benipool (blackpool) Easter wkend bash

Benipool is formed from lots of unique individuals, with one passion of Benidorm, unfortunately not everyone can always sustain travel costs and expenditure going to Benidorm as much as we would like to of course, so we came up with benipool , due to the cross network of people from around the country, we decided on having a get together in roughly the middle of the country and we chose Blackpool , it's not everyone's cup of tea, but as the old saying is it's not where you are in life it's who you're with. So we all formed Benipool, and as time has gone on we have gained the trust of a few places that offer us big discounts on our hotels and bar drinks, so if you fancy joining us on these parties visit us on facebook "benidorm fun and banter or facebook the benidorm group"

  • Date: 07/04/2018 12:00
  • Location: The Strand Hotel / Walkabout - (Map)


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Our next group party will be YES I said the 7 april staying in the strand lodge we are all trying and most of us have to all get booked in the same place , dates have been passed to walkabout again and that date is secured by our group. also not forgetting the strand lodge is where we are staying £25 a night most of us stay friday till sunday so come on secure your bed, because they won't last long at this rate... brecky is in with the price ..   PLEASE NOTE YOU CAN NOT BOOK THIS HOTEL ON LINE BECAUSE OF THE NATURE OF THE GROUP PARTY SO PLEASE RING AND BOOK   STRAND LODGE which you must book by phone call STRAND NUMBER IS 01253 623320 use  benidorm group when booking to get the discounts  Cheers every one c u Aprilx 

More info will be posted once available , 

free buffet friday night discounted drinks 8 till 11 "hotel"

free hot pot saturday night & discounted drinks from 8 till 11 "hotel"

saturday 12 till 6 walkabout discounted drinks, freebies and 25% of all food "walkabout" 

FANCY DRESS..... has been decided and its a scottish theme "t&c" apply