Benidorm Tom

Benidorm Tom
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Hi Members.Due to covid-19 lots of our artists are still trying to make a difference in benidorm with a few shows a month, we at Benidorm Reviews co uk have always supported our Entertainers who play for us week in' week out. so we have now decided to help them keep going in these bad times, by setting up a new Live Group so all artists can show the public live streams, but we have gone one better, we are now implementing individual paypal links to the artists to help them survive these uncertain times, all proceeds will go to the individual or group you choose to pay, you are incontrol and 100% goes to the artist of your choice., if your buying goods from them please follow the artists information .

No Show Guide as yet-

Thank you for the response to the Christmas album, it's been amazing so far,
Thank you so much for the response to the Christmas album.
In one way or another, it's very tough for so many people at the moment; I'm hoping this puts you in the Christmas mood.
As you know, the entertainment industry has been the biggest casualty through Covid, so buying the album helps my family so much.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤✌
Peace and love 🎄
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