Stag & Hen Safety Wristbands

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Some of you where asking about these a while back , we have just got them in stock call them security/safety tags that you can write your details on,

These wristbands are designed to ensure your groups safety when on a stag or hen party. Particularly when you are abroad in Benidorm you can write a hotel name and emergency contact number on them. This means if you become a little intoxicated and get lost or forget where you are, people will be to help you get home safely.

 Tyvek wristbands are made from spun and woven polyethylene fibres, they look and feel like paper but are water resistant and much more robust. Their soft, paper-like qualities make them lightweight and comfortable to wear for adults and children can also be put on to luggage cases bags children adults pensioners just in case you may lose someone they have multiple uses.. £2.50 x 10 on a strip.

please note these safety/security wristbands do not get you discounts.

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