Here are a list of peoples reviews on this place, as you can see not that many, but these reviews are from members of one of our groups straight from the horses mouth we do not edit or remove any reviews.

Leigh Annell Love this place myself and my daughter sang some songs when we visited last may ,great system ,great host and very clean and nice bar ,will be returning with my mate in March to sing some Sinatra classics :)

Emma Pearce my only criticism with this bar is the host singing when the place is rammed and there is loads of tickets in.
I find that so rude and self absorbed.x

Diane Gibson One place we will never visit again so rude

Jan Clark Hart We didnt like it.x

Elizabeth Ellen Co-op Love it .... c u in 2 weeks 🍺🍹🍾🌟😘

Jackie James We love it there it always i last night we go there and always have a nice welcome and wonderful bar staff

Adrian Sherwood always pop in voices at some point on holls

Margaret Fairclough Great bar run by such lovely people
Clean comfortable and very welcoming

Paul Hazelton Not for me

Brian Cunningham I love the place very nice staff It's great to pop in for an hour or so

Alan Wilkinson Brilliant place. Comfy inside or out. And very friendly

Marina Gabriels I love this place <3 best karaoke pub of Benidorm, very friendly staff, very good sound ..... superb

Rosie Mcewan Nice love it