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Bev Mincher Fab bar x

Jill Henson Brilliant bar, way better than Cafe b x

Darren Fitzsimmons Start off in Sinatras every night. Straight out of hotel Orange great staff in my opinion. Always start on 2 for 1 house vodka for 5 euros and always call back in a couple of times during the night. Can't fault the place.

Bev Mincher 241 house vodka In cafe b through the week is only ( euros too but on a weekend they don’t do house vodka 

Gary Mcmorrow Best bar in benidorm

Sabrina O Connor Fantastic bar one of my favorites great entertainment friendly people great place to dance the night away

Margy Taggart great xx

Jackie Coles Great bar great music even went there on my own lol

Kim Barnes Love the place ❤️ plays good music 🎵

Jack Christou Nice bar but never seems to stay busy for long it's like a mini cafe benidorm

Sandra Bruce Love it

David Greenhalgh Great bar good acts beer is naff tho

Michelle Mary Just fantastic,love the place x

Gazza Stark Drinks r crap there watered down

Gail Davies I agree vodka is deffo watered down 😂😂

Gazza Stark Canny enough place just the drinks

James Rigley Great bar

Kagcee Knight Too dark! I like the place, just can’t see inside!!

Sue Costello Best bar in Beni!! Fab music and fab staff love it x

Diane Burns Luv this bar and the music. Gets really busy 12 midnight . We go every may and there every night. Met lovely people there. Great fun. Carnt wait to go bk 17th may. X

Joan Brown Its a great bar even when its not happy hour fantastic staff great entertainment !

eron start Sinatra s then move about pop in before going home about 8 in the morning lol love the place can't wait to get back 😁x

Vikki Smith Absolute amazing 😉

Bob Anderson Absolutely love Sinatras more for the dancing than the acts the smirnoff red bulls (very fair pricing) help to keep things going till daylight arrives being 57 yrs old I need something

Bob Anderson This man seems to oversee the general running of Sinatras (photo 4 years ago) and he makes a very clean tidy orderly and fair job of it

Jill Henson Yeah that’s Alex 👍👍

ell Great for dancing but some of the barmen tend to charge different prices for the same drink especially when they think you've had a few

Donna Rowsell That's your prerogative : ) the post ask for reviews and that's mine

Derek Custance Love it, considering the punch ups I’ve seen in beni, never seen any there, staff are good, nice sitting area to rest yr drunk legs 👍

Jodie Sims Fab place, highly recommend. Good seating inside and out on the terrace.

Brian Hingley Great but the same shows on for a week

Darren Mason Love it always go there before cafe b

Diane Thacker Love it x

Deb Leyland Brilliant

Babz Prince Danced many nights away there.🎵 love the place

Kay Makar My favourite place to end the night! x

Valerie Hanna Brill bar

Susan Akerman Fantastic bar, lovely friendly staff staying at the Orange the location is fab. We start and end their every night. Safest bar in benidorm never seen a problem 😃

Christina Jonnie Wright Still the best bar in beni bar none......however sinatras premium is chomping at its heals!!

Irene Battle Love this bar, fab music, prefer it here than cafe b xx

Andrew Johnstone Like a lot of benidorm Bar's it's a marmite job love it it hate it been in a few times on lads holidays years ago and too pissed to remember much either way to be honest was in once last year with my wife and not nasty no drug dealers in the corner 

Susan Akerman I don’t understand why you would stay in a bar that you didn’t like as much as you didn’t !!!😳😳 we always walk straight back out if we don’t like it

Debra Thewlis Drinks taste like water x

Matt Ward I like it

Mrd I like it , never been coming out July staying in orange seems my kind of place lol 😀

Liz Mcphee Yes i went there to it was a good night

Sue Madeloso Think it's one of the best Bar's love it xx

Joanne Archbould Love this place, Me and the girls end up here always at the end a of fab night. Be back out April and Oct x

Lisa Lyons Love it

Sabrina O Connor Great nights Lisa Lyons 👌👌

Lisa Lyons Fantastic night's 

Cindy Chapman One of the best places in benidorm... See you in the summer!!! 😜 x

Gibbons Brilliant Place !! :)

Donna Marie Moore The best for feeling welcome as if it's your local at home l
Love it

Gary Thomas Mullen Never had a problem there. Tartan, gets you a piece at ANY window lol

Natalie Lord Great atmosphere

Jacky Smith Love this place ad all staff .many great nite

Sybil Ferguson I was in the Orange hotel in November and ALWAYS finished the night there no complaints from us. Hopefully be there again soon. Good mixture of young and older.

Margaret Sinnott Two of lads from Sinatras, great atmosphere ,staff very friendly,we loved it and ended up there at some stage most nights x

Melanie Twigger Great place to finish off the night

Debbie Allott Fantastic place. We always head there around midnight and stay til we drop. Great atmosphere, friendly staff and great music!

Stephen Finch Brilliant bar

Gwen Paul Been going for 13 yrs and never seen a show.
We sit outside and just chat.
Always a great friendly place with a mixture of people.

Amanda Valentine I lv th place go every year

Moira Byrne Like sinatras good atmosphere

Gail Szentpeteri I like it better than cafe b always go when i come out

Margaret Fairclough Love going to Sinatra’s good service from the staff brilliant entertainment very clean and well looked after bar and toilets
Serve good quality spirits

Carole Lidster Great place x

Carole White Brilliant place, staff very friendly and great service.

Sandra Parkinson Lov this bar mixes ages always good atmosphere in there entertainment lov Carlos in there music fab

Anita Bissell It's ok lol see what oh tonightxx

Jon Durrant Had some good night's in there about time I started spreading the news wish I was leaving for there today 😈

Michelle Edwina Bolton Love it !

Helen Eleni Stavrou Elliott Love it 😊

Steven Chapman fast bar service, usual 2 4 1 on local drinks, djj plays a great mixture of music, love the northern soul he plays, and being honest there is no need for the acts that are their, did have the title of a mini cafe b, but now stands out on its own, just round the corner from the new soul and motown bar, make a point of always popping in for a sherbet and usually i stay their, thumbs up from me.......

Dickie Bird Love it.

Lee Redhead Usually end the night in here🍻🎉💃🎉🍺🍺🍺🍸🍷🍸

Tina Murdoch Great place

Lucy Capps Love sinartras always used to go to cafe benidorm but started going to sinartras last year and like it much better great place 😎😎😎

Shirley Garrett Love it

Deb Waller Absolutely love this place, great music, great atmosphere, me and an my mates head straight for this place 😊

Trevor Carter only night place i use great staff good music and turns

Jenna Manley Love it

Steven Bishop Brilliant

Lorraine Finnie Great

Tracy Thomas Sezol Its ok im in my early 40s age group is often 60 to 70+. Have some good cover acts on and 2 for 1 drinks if you know right time to go. Out door porch heaters are good on cool nights. Place to be on festival dayda Stansfield Fantastic show staff are friendly love it

Sharon Wilson Best bar in Benidorm always end the night in there

Dominic Hall Marcus Osborne. Stephen Gray. Soon🎉

Lorraine Moore Group moderator My fav late night/early morn haunt x

Dawn Bell Love it !!!!!

Joan Dunn Good atmosphere

Louise McGregor Wright Love it!!!

Sandra McMullan Love this place xxxxx

Twiggy White One of my favourite places xx

Susan Barlow One of our favourite places, always a fab night to be had in Sinatras xxx

Daisy Doo Thomas Good atmosphere an brill music 🎶 specially Motown xx

Patsy Tyrie Lov it good friendly atmosphere suits everyone

Julie Hagon I love it 💕

Dinah Sterrett Loved it and would highly recommend it

Jan Taylor Love Sinatras x

Carolyn Eyles Love the place and the boss lol

Paula Lewis Love Sinatra’s great staff always make us welcome and brilliant acts. Just got back 😀

Janice Nixon Love this place coming over tomorrow our first drink is always in sinartas xx

Susan e Howard Always a great atmosphere and staff brilliant