Below is a few reviews, not sure why we couldn't get the people to review it but its always busy and don't for get if any place on here you fancy or don't fancy go try it for your self, every ones taste is different 

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Gary Howe Top bar see you in March

Sharron Brady Web page says they are open Joanne xe Gibson Maxwell That's good dj is fab in Rockys plays all our favourite tunes . Thanks sharron 

Ray Young great bar.

Ruth McMillan Free WiFi

Jenna Manley My friends and I went to benidorm on our anual trip 2 years ago. We booked self catering in the torre gerona opposite rockys. ( dont judge it was a last minute thing)

Anyway.... when we arrived we had no idea how to get in. No keys nothing. Rocky ( or what ever his real name was) came over to us and politely tols us we had to go to an information centre that was a fair walk away to collect them.

We decided to go into the bar for a drink as we had been travelling since 6.30 am and were just a tad miffed. Anyway he was lovely. The atmosphere was lovely. All brilliantly priced for better measurements.

Then a blonde lady who works there. Think shes management. Walked in. Rockey explained what was happening. She said come on girls jump in the car ill take u. My friend and i went in the car . While another waited at the bar with our stuff waiting for 2 other friends who were out there

The lady waited out side and took us back when we were sorted. Came back and our friend we left was having a ball a sloshed so we spent all day and alot of our holiday there.

Long story short ( sorry)

Great place , amazing people ...give it a go