Mixed reviews for Red Lion, although lots of facts have been given with picture evidence and news paper feeds, our groups members have been involved and witnessed lots of things happening in this bar, but i must say since the height of 2017 when doormen were arrested for numerous crimes the bar has become a very low head lined bar, nothing about this bar has been mentioned for a while, so our group would say again try it for your self , if you don't like it walk on by it.

Alexander Reuterswärd the bar where the staff sold drugs and they got cought in a police raid just a few weeks ago?

Karen Gouldy Ripped our friend off too. And no 1st aid

Shell Healy Laskey I love it an neva saw any bother there yet my last visit a lost €40 a dropped it ...an bar staff were lovely too

Loll Cairns keep well clear, it's a smack house, and innocent young people get beaten to a pulp, have seen it a few times gggrrrr

Donna Slater We lived in this bar when we were there in November bar staff were lovely and great atmosphere x

Brendan Fish Worst bar in benidorm always trouble in it

Phil Pike Never had or seen any trouble. As all places it's only as good or trouble-free as the "idiots" who visit it. To some degree the ones who get drunk and cause the trouble have to take most of the flack

Justin Cole Great bar, no more trouble than anywhere else on the strip and what there is is generally caused by pissed up Brits!

Kenny Jones awful place,from the aggressive security to the dodgy barstaff and heavy drinking culture this is one to avoid for most people.

Gavin Pearson S#it hole and the doormen use knuckle dusters

Ally Angus Stay clear

Margaret Brown My partner was constantly asked for drugs in this place from the British even when he went up to the bar to get a round in this October 😡

Donna Slater I have to say I’ve been beni for years for the fiesta in November and last year I went with a group of lads and my daughter and her friend I have to say every single bar we went into we were asked if we wanted magic lol by people young and old mostly British I didn’t know it was this ripe but have to say it’s everywhere not just in the red lion or Benidorm everywhere .....

Michael Abercrombie Door staff like to kick the s#it out of you for any reason that they can make up. They walk around with clenched fists even when there’s no trouble. Avoid it at all costs unless you fancy a good kicking for the smallest of reasons.

Gwen Paul Never been in but seen the door men put knuckle dusters on and beat the shit out of one guy was horrific to see. Stay clear I say.

Sara Casey rough rough rough wouldn't recommend anyone go here

Michaela Ellwood I agree. Worst bar in Benidorm x

Gary Bulmer been loads of time never seen any trouble

Gavin Pearson S#it hole avoid like the plague

Kathleen Gear Got a drink in the new one,with no ice,nearly told him to keep it,very small measures, Smirnoff,not cheap, won't be back

Angie Haigh Never seen any trouble here ever... gets very busy but I only have good experiences