Rockin Stephanie (show Guide)

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I was born in Scotland and been performing for approximately 25 years including 5 years in the far east (Thailand) singing rock n roll. I have been in Benidorm since 2018, have a youtube channel and Facebook page (Rockin' Stephanie). Appeared on TV with Vanessa Feltz in the year 2000 on her TV show "A star is born".

You can contact Stephanie on facebook  or by using the number below

please only use the number to book a show.

Tel number - +34 684 421 733

Flat out Rockin' at some of Benidorm's top Hotels next week 

17th One Bar 5pm       & RH Princesa Hotel 8.45pm 
19th Flash Hotel 9.00pm 
20th Flamingo Oasis Hotel 11.00pm 
21st One Bar 9.00pm 
22nd Ambassador Hotel 11.00pm
please note boys and girls, this is what we call a show GUIDE - guide is the word that helps us to define what we do, the time table and slots allocated to the artists/performers can be changed with only moments to go, but we do our best to keep you all informed. so please if in doubt, please click on to the links and confirm details with the artists/performers thank you ... Benidorm Reviews Co Uk team .