Amy Winehouse Tribute - Jolene (Show Guide)

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My name is Jolene, and i just love singing. And the love of singing and entertaining runs thick in my blood line. My beautiful Nan used to be in the once extremely well known Tiller Girls. She enjoyed a life long, successful career with in the Tiller Girls amongst many other things. So naturally when i came along and she was in retirement, i was her little prodigy. She loved and pushed me with all her heart, and from the age of 14, I turned professional singer, appearing and starring with entertainers from all over the UK, including the comic Tethro, Jimmy Cricket, The Drifters (Drifter, just the one lol) but to name a few. Not to mention numerous radio and T.V coverage such as stairway to the stars. So for the past 4 years i've been treading the boards of Benidorm. Enjoying working with the likes of, Girls aloud tribute, Burlesque and Pete Loaf. However the time has come to show off my solo.

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Mon- Amy Winehouse @ 9 California. Abba @ 11 Whitestar. 
Wed- Abba @ 6 California Amy @ 10 Hotel California Abba @ 11 Ambassador. 
Thur- Amy Winehouse @ 9 Hotel California Abba. 
Sat- Abba @ 11 California  
Sun- Amy Winehouse @ 9 California

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