Rocketman Exclusive

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What is the Rocketman ?

A fantastic musical show loosely based on the hit motion picture ‘Rocketman’ featuring some of the greatest songs originally performed by Sir Elton John. A show unlike any other, with its unique diversity and it's own spin on a story based on a real legend. A full production show with some of the finest dancers around. A show that's not a tribute but doesn't forget to pay homage to the original Super Star. There is sure to be something for everyone... So come along, sing along, feel and live the atmosphere with Benidorm's Rocketman. 


šŸ’„Benidorm's Rocketman is proud and privileged to announce that we will be Exclusive to Rockerfellas
The show will feature some of Benidorm's finest dancers and of course, the one and only... CRISP CARTER!!!!

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please note boys and girls, this is what we call a show GUIDE - guide is the word that helps us to define what we do, the time table and slots allocated to the artists/performers can be changed with only moments to go, but we do our best to keep you all informed. so please if in doubt, please click on to the links and confirm details with the artists/performers thank you ... Benidorm Reviews Co Uk team .